Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Josephine loves food!

Week four was another very exciting one for Josephine (or at least it was for Josephine's parents). The most exciting development may be that Josephine can now get her nourishment from a bottle. Mom is very happy about this, Dad a little less-so as it means the responsibility for the 1 and 4 am feedings can now be split more evenly (but Mom is still taking care of them for the time being). Here are a couple of pictures from the first bottle.

A visit from Grandma Jennie has added to the fun this week. This means that Josephine gets even more attention (or the same amount of attention but from more people), Mom gets some additional help, and Dad gets more homemade cookies and tasty dinners. Between sympathy weight during the pregnancy and all of the good dinners people have provided since Josephine came along, my clothes are not going to fit much longer.
Josephine is also eating quite well. A trip to the doctor's office today (just to satisfy our curiosity, no medical stuff) revealed that she weighs 9 lb. 8.5 oz. As Grandma Jennie pointed out, that's nearly what Uncle Mark weighed when he was born. She is growing up too fast.
And the final cool development is that Josephine is starting to smile, not just those smiles that come with relief of gas pain, but real happy smiles. We have not caught a good one on camera yet, but this picture came right after a beautiful smile. As you can see, she is still the cutest girl around--pretty much perfect.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Over 3 Weeks

Hey everybody, just wanted to post a quick update and give you a few cute pictures to look at. Josephine is now just over three weeks old and still amazingly cute. Browyn's parents left last Sunday, so it has just been the four of us for four days now. Although we miss the help a little (especially when Josephine decides that 5 am is a perfectly reasonable time to start the day), we are doing fine. (The fridge full of leftovers, and the knowledge that my mom will be here soon definitely help.) Anyway, enough chatter, and on to the pictures. And yes Mom and Dad, the pictures with an arrow in the middle are videos.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is what we spend our days watching now

So, here are some video clips so that you can see what our little girl is up to.

This first one shows that, much like her dear old dad, Josephine is not a big fan of waking up. This particular bout of grunting, face rubbing, and one eye opening went on for five to ten minutes before she decided she was awake enough to start eating.

But this video shows that, once awake, she pretty much quietly observes what is happening around her. I have elected not to record the not-so-quiet times for now as I want people to continue coming to visit, but rest assured that they are few and far between (and really not all that loud).