Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three Months Old

Josephine has already been around for 3 wonderful months--she is growing up so fast. This third month was a really exciting one.

First, Josphine made her first overnight trip away from home for a girls' weekend with Mommy and her high school friends. She behaved very well and had fun.

Then we had visits from all of Daddy's siblings. Josephine spit up on Uncle Joe, laughed at Uncle Mark, and cried whenever Aunt Ellen came around--pretty close to Dad's reactions. (Sorry, there are no pictures of Ellen because Josephine really did cry every time Ellen held her.)

The uncles made a trip to Toys 'R' Us where Uncle Mark got Josphine a teddy bear, Joe got her a miniature Lorelei, and they picked up some Lincoln Logs for them to play with which they were kind enough to leave behind.

Lorelei also enjoyed the visit because it meant lots more attention, and there was another bed laid out for her to sneak into.

We had a reunion of the parents from our child birth class. It was fun to hear everyone else's stories and see the babies. I think it's pretty obvious which baby is cutest here.

This was probably far more exciting for Mommy and Daddy than it was for Josephine, but she also had her first babysitters not named Grandma. Our friends Megan and Jeremy stayed with her so that we could have a much-deserved (at least for Mom) night out.

But Grandma also made another visit to town, so Mommy and Daddy were able to head out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary.

And the most recent event was Josephine's first visit to a bar and first pig roast wrapped in one big day. Again she was extremely well-behaved, and she was very popular so Mommy and Daddy had no trouble freeing up their hands to eat some of that pig.

So as you can see it has been a pretty eventful month. In other exciting news, Josephine is now sleeping through the night most of the time (at least for the past couple of weeks--guess it could change, but hope not). Every day she smiles more and talks more than she did the day before. She is more interested in her toys. Her neck is starting to get stronger; she is starting to hold her head up pretty well while laying on her stomach, but it's hard with such chubby cheeks. And she is busy just being so darn cute.

So much activity can really wear a girl (and her Daddy) out. (I had to add this picture because our cuddly naps are getting fewer and farther between.)