Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Josephine is over two months old!

It's hard to believe that it has already been over two months since this beautiful baby girl started waking Browyn up in the middle of the night, but it has been. Here are a couple of recent pictures to show you how amazingly beautiful she is. Pretty crazy how quickly she's growing up, huh?

To celebrate her two-monthiversary, she got to go to the doctor for her two-month checkup. Luckily, Dad had to be at work, so he missed this one, because it involved lots of shots. At least Mommy was not the mean nurse for Josephine. She was very cranky that night, so we are hoping it was just the shots. We also learned that she now weighs 11 lb. 9 oz., 75th percentile and is 23.5 in. (long? tall?), 90th percentile. So it looks like any worries we had about her eating were ridiculous. Her head circumference is also in the 75th percentile, but keep your big head jokes to yourself--trust me, they are emotionally traumatizing.
Other than the shots, the doctor's appointment went very well, and Josephine is pretty much perfect in every way.
Josphine also had her first Easter. She and I went to church where she was very well-behaved (sleeping). And she got her first Easter basket. It had much more candy in it than the pictures show, but Mom and Dad got to it before the camera came out. And since 2-month-olds can't have candy, Mom and Dad had to finish it off, too.

Here is a video of Josephine in her bouncy chair. She is like this often now--full of smiles, and beginning to discover she has a voice beyond crying. She makes a few noises here, but sometimes she is far more chatty.

And here she is playing on her animal mat. She can entertain herself for quite a while talking to and batting at Little Miss Monkey, Senor Elefante, and G-Raff. And you can't really see it, but there is a parrot at her feet that gets the stuffing kicked out of him on the regular. (She is rocking the GU shirt because it is tourney time, baby. Sadly, Gonzaga would go on to blow an 11-point lead over Davidson later that day.)

So this baby thing is working out pretty well for the four of us (that includes Lorelei for those of you who are confused). Josephine is sleeping for longer stretches on most nights. She almost always has a couple of smiles when she is awake. And she is changing every day. Think that's about it for now. Go back to the top and look at those cute pictures again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

Okay, I really meant to update this more regularly, but school, dog, and baby seemed more important. Anyway, here is some stuff.

First off, I know that many of you came here thinking, "Sure, the kid is cute, but let's see more of that awesome beard." Well, sadly, the beginning of March marked the end of the beard. But fear not facial hair fans, for the death of the beard brought the birth of the moustache.

All of that sweet facial hair action is tough to follow up, but I think Josephine has what it takes.

First, Grandma Jennie brought the quilt that she made with her on her visit last month. Some day it will make a great blanket, but for now it is a good-looking wall-hanging, and the first real decoration in Josephine's room. Check out the handiwork.

Sometimes Josephine feels like kicking it 70s rock star style. Browyn and I were trying to figure out if this was more early Tyler from Aerosmith or Bowie. Either way, it is a pretty sweet look. (Actually, it was a failed attempt to keep Josephine awake to eat--sometimes slowly exposing her to the cold does the trick, but not this day.)

March has brought on some awesome basketball action, and thanks to Grandpa Tom and Uncle Mark, Josephine is geared up. Don't know if you can tell is this picture, but she is rocking some sweet Gonzaga booties and a Gonzaga tuque. She also has a pretty pink GU jumper, but she needs to grow into it still.

Josephine is changing so much every day, and she keeps doing new little things that we haven't gotten good pictures of yet. She is more aware of her surrounding all the time, and she nowbats at the little toys hanging from various seats and playmats. She has also been a social butterfly (acually she sleep, but she lets Mom and Dad get out). She has gone to several dinner parties where she has been very popular, and she even went to her first happy hour on Friday.

But probably the most exciting development has been the increasing number of smiles--check this one out and try to tell me it isn't the most beautiful thing in the world.

We still spend copious amount of time just watching her make funny faces as seen in this little video clip. You may not find it quite as amusing as we do, but I can watch her do nothing but make faces for hours. (Looks like the clip didn't work--I'll try to get it up later this week.)

Well, I will try to update with more pictures soon, but finals are coming up, so no promises.