Friday, October 17, 2008

Another month (and a half). . .

I started this post while procrastinating about 3 weeks ago, but then decided I really needed to study and then never got around to it. Sorry. Does anyone even look at this thing anymore. I think I would have quit by now with how sporadically it's updated. Anyway, so much has changed since last time that I don't even know where to start. She now eats cheerios, pureed fruits and vegetables, and bread if we are out to dinner. The army crawl has been replaced by crawling on all fours. She pulls herself up to stand against just about anything--the couch, tables, my legs--we really have to keep our eyes on her all the time now.
Enough babbling, here are some pictures.
This is the first meeting with baby cousin Vincent. Ignore the giant scratch across his forehead; I am sure she did not mean to do it.

Josephine had a fun trip to a pumpkin patch with some friends from the new moms' group.

She and Mommy went to Chicago for a weekend to see Mommy's friends from college and some of their kids. Josephine was pretty good on both long flights, and she had a very good time with some new friends.

And Josephine had her first Halloween. As you can she, she was the cutest little monkey around and had fun at her first Halloween party.

And here are a couple on the swing at the park up the street, just because I had them.

I thought we had pictures of her standing up, but Browyn must not have put them on the computer yet. I will try to add a couple of video things this week, too, since it is a little slower at school for a couple of days.