Monday, September 22, 2008

What's New

So this is going to be a pretty random post just to throw out some pictures we have taken over the last couple of weeks. Not much has gone on. Uncle Joe and Kate visited, but we failed to take any good pictures, so no evidence of the visit pops up here. Also, Aunt Ellen had cousin Vincent, all 9 lb, 9 oz of him, on September 9. We will meet him in a couple of days.
Here are some pictures of Josephine eating from that gross baby feeder thing. It makes a horrible mess (especially if you put nectarine in it), but Josephine seems to like it, and trying to take it away from her is a bad idea.

We are also trying to feed her more things without the gross feeder. Yogurt and cheerios have both gone pretty well, but it does not look like broccoli is going to be her favorite thing to eat. I don't think these pictures properly capture the utter disgust she showed when Mommy handed her broccoli.

Another thing that happened recently was Mommy's triathlon. Josephine was there to show her support (actually she was more interested in eating leaves). Here are the before and after pics.

And here are some cute pictures. Who knew sunglasses were so exciting. Also, there was a brief period where Josephine would do the splits to lean over and grab things she wanted, thus the gymnast-like pose in the first picture.

But the splits are no longer necessary because she is getting more mobile. Not crawling quite yet, but she is close. Her belly crawling has improved dramatically in just the past couple of days.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Josephine's First Summer

Josephine's first Summer has been a pretty exciting one. Lots of you have probably seen lots of these pictures via various avenues already, but just enjoy the opportunity to see them again. I will start with the major events/trips/etc. then finish with lots of pictures of her being cute in no specific order.
Once Dad finished school for the year, Summer started with a trip to Missoula. Josephine went on her first hike to the M, got to hang out with Grandma Jennie more, met Grandpa Tom and Great-Grandma Jean. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Josephine also went on her first camping trip. This included a hike, swimming in a lake, kicking it on the beach, hanging out by the campfire, and waking up Mommy and Daddy every couple of hours during the night. But it was still a fun time.

And we went on a trip to California. This required Josephine to fly on a plane for the first time. Much to Daddy's relief, she was extremely well behaved--laughing at other kids on the plane, flirting with flight attendants, etc. In California we spent a couple of nights with Great-Grandmother and Ray, then a couple of nights with 25 or so other relatives from the Miller-Howe side at a really sweet national park/convention center near Monterey. Josephine really enjoyed seeing other kids. This trip also included the first time seeing the ocean, swimming in the convention center's pool, and the first time gnawing on an apple (a little more on food later).

Other than that, what's been happening? Well, she has her two bottom front teeth, but she always hides them with her tongue, so no pictures yet.
She's been eating up the music (sorry, bad joke, but these are pretty cute pictures).

She's been kicking it with her friends like Luka.

She has gone on a few other "urban hikes" with Mommy.

Pineapple is still pretty much the only solid thing she eats despite trying rice cereal and oatmeal. If you have never witnessed this, check the video--judging by her face you would never guess that it is her favorite food. But today she did eat a peach using one of those gross, teabag-like baby food holders. We should have pictures of her using that with other foods (maybe, avocado was not such a hit) in the future in case you have no idea what I am talking about.

Other than that, she is just continuing to work on maintaining her cute.