Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will's Second Month

He can smile! Always a wonderful milestone for parents. Here he is giving his daddy a big toothless grin.
When Will was about 5 weeks old Jim had to attend Uncle Joe's bachelor party in Missoula so my wonderful college friend, Susan, came for the weekend to help. Josephine loved it and so did I!

And so did Will!

Here we are making an outing to the Locks. Will still sleeps through most things.

He is starting to get interested in the play mat.
Jim graduated from pharmacy school on June 11th. Yippee! My parents came out for the celebration. It was especially nice since my mom spent the entire time playing with Josephine in the lobby (with all the other grandmothers and toddlers) so I could actually watch the graduation. Once again Will slept through the whole thing (what a good baby!).

Josephine was not so sure about the funny outfit daddy was wearing. She actually refused to let him pick her up at one point and yelled for me. Slightly embarrassing for Jim.

Will had his 2 month check-up and weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 10 ounces (75th percentile) and was 23.25 inches long (only 50th percentile, we think the nurse measured wrong). He already wears 3-6 month clothes! A man at the grocery store said he looks like he will be a linebacker. Those Coyne genes seem to be pretty dominant.
Here are some more cute pictures of Will and his chubby cheeks.

My attempt to get a picture of the two kids together. I will have to try again in another month.