Friday, June 25, 2010

Will's first month

Life is certainly different with two kids. As my cousin Franny put it "It adds a whole new level of craziness" and that is very true. Josephine is finally getting use to having Will around. She has become used to his crying but still doesn't like the fact that he takes up a lot of my time. She tends to wait for the exact moment that I am indisposed and then demands my attention, which then leads to a very impressive tantrum. The day Will came home seemed to trigger the tantrum mode in Josephine, which we had some how avoided until now. I am happy to say the frequency and intensity has started to subside.
Here is Will thinking, "Does my big sister every shut up!" Get use to it little brother.

Grandma Nennie visited when Will was about 4 weeks old. Here she is doing her grandma duty of occupying Josephine while also baking cookies for daddy. Thanks to Zsa Zsa and Nennie Jim managed to gain at least 5 lbs.

Jim was finishing his last pharmacy school rotation during Will's first month but he still managed to get a couple of naps with him on the couch.

Uncle Devin knows how to handle a boy!
We had a family picnic when Will was just a couple weeks old. Cousin Graham is teaching Josephine about "See food". That's what big cousins are for!
Every big sister deserves some kind of reward for having a little brother. Josephine received a tricycle and a pink bicycle helmet!