Wednesday, July 29, 2009

19 Months and Growing!

We really don't have a good excuse for taking 6 months to post another update but we have done some fun things. Josephine is almost 19 months old and a classic toddler with bumps and bruises to prove it. She did not walk until she was almost 15 1/2 months but is making up for it. She is talking up a storm saying several new words a day and even saying two words together.

It has been a record breaking hot summer in Seattle requiring plenty of diaper only time as seen below (we don't have AC in Seattle).
Josephine loves to imitate mom and dad talking on the cell phone. Luckily there is a standalone mode so she can't make any prank calls (at least we don't think so).

Josephine playing it cool at happy hour. We were excited to find a local restaurant that allows kids during happy hour. Great prices and it ends just before bedtime.

In June we made a trip to Missoula. Josephine is telling uncle Mark this it is "Ni" time.

Grandpa Tom gets a good night hug!

Sitting with mom after playing at the water park.

Enjoying "Out to Lunch" with daddy and Grandma Jennie.

Trying on Uncle Mark's slippers. Just a little too big.

Much to Josephine pleasure, Grandpa Tom bought a Costco size box of goldfish crackers for our visit. I am pretty sure the box was empty by the time we left. Of course mom did not eat any!
Classic Montana photo with a baby in the back of a pick-up truck.

Grandma Jennie got us some deals at the Book Exchange. Finally, some new books!

Josephine and her friend Cash enjoying the sand at Golden Gardens. I am pretty sure none of those toys belonged to us and they both went home wearing only a diaper. Sand is messy!

Almost all of the off-spring of mom's high school friends. Carrie & Chris's son Cameron, Josephine, Lynnea & Glenn's son Sam, Rebecca & Kyle's daughters Masie & Shelby, and Kristin & Tyson's son Oliver (missing: Max & Finn). Amazingly no one was crying!

Josephine and Cash trying to stay cool in Cash's backyard.

Josephine trying to help with our new tree in the backyard. The old tree came down on Arbor Day (oops!).

In May we made a trip to Orinda, CA to visit the great grandparents and celebrate Bob-o's 90th birthday.

And eat more goldfish!
Josephine loves rocks and at Bob-o and Gretch's she was in heaven with their huge bowl of rocks. She was nice enough to share with Grandzsa.

Josephine, Luca and Cash made their first trip to the aquarium in May.

They even got to touch a sea anemone and as far as I know it survived.
We took many trips to the zoo and one of them we spent with Kristen and Cora who were visiting from Ellensburg, WA.

For some reason I cannot figure out how to delete this photo so it is in here twice.

Mom was able to get off work early on Mother's Day so we had a picnic at Karkeek Park.

In March we made another trip to Missoula with a quick overnight stay in Sandpoint with Grandzsa.
I am happy to say dad no longer has the mustache.

Grandpa Tom showing Josephine how great it is to have a digital camera, or is Josephine showing Grandpa Tom?

Who needs real toys?!

Josephine took her first ride on the merry-go-round but it was not very merry. Maybe next year.

Josephine discovered the piano for the first time and was pretty proud of herself.

Josephine tackling Grandzsa. She just might out weigh her.

We hope our next posting is not 6 months from now but we can't promise anything!